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bagel pizza... the classic: your choice of bagel, topped with organic roasted garlic marinara, itali-blend cheese, and secret spices. ~Or build your own + 3 toppings        


na'an-a-mia (na'an-pizza-pocket)... na'an topped with olive oil, marinara, spinach, feta, and our itali-blend cheese


na'an-a-cita (mexican-na'an-pizza-pocket)... na'an topped with olive oil, badass salsa, spinach, chili, and our mexi-blend cheese


na'an-a-white...  na'an topped with olive oil, cream cheese, spinach, mushrooms, and our itali-blend cheese 


BYO-na'an pizza (byo-na'an-pizza-pocket)... na'an topped with olive oil, your choice of 4 toppings, AND Italian- or Mexi-style!

el tejano...jalapeno-cheddar bagel topped with mexi-blend cheese, served with a side of badass salsa for dipping


na'an-a-suprema... double-decker na'an pizza

layer 1: olive oil, badass salsa, and mexi-blend cheese

layer 2: olive oil, marinara, spinach, chili, portobello mushrooms, feta cheese, and itali-blend cheese



chili... our own top-secret, world-famous, made-from-scratch recipe!  veggie-burger crumbles, roasted veggies, and spices. totally vegan!  served with organic blue corn chips. 

+ de-veganize it with cheese if you wish


hummus... vegan-friendly and made from scratch; traditional or today’s feature, lightly chilled and served with toasted na'an


quinoa salad... awesomely-vegan rosemary & olive oil quinoa, chilled, with fresh spinach red onion, cucumber, tomato, and baked tofu served w/ toasted pita. 

+ de-veganize w/ feta cheese



spinach, chili,

portobello mushrooms, onions, 

black beans, 

hot peppers,

feta cheese,

bell peppers, egg, diced tomatoes, smoked gouda


Side Avocado




espresso brownies

wild blueberry muffnuts


blue corn nachos… organic blue corn chips, mexi-blend cheese + badass salsa

~Or build your own + 3 toppings   

quesadilla... cheese + badass salsa.

~Or build your own + 3 toppings

messy tacos... 2 or 3 soft tacos; chili, spinach, mexi-cheese + chips + badass salsa

~go vegan without the cheese!

chips y salsa… blue corn chips + our homemade badass salsa





whole-wheat everything


sun-dried tomato


+ cream cheese

or butter




hummus sandwich... vegan-friendly on toasted whole grain bread; your choice of traditional hummus or today’s feature, w/ 4 toppings + blue corn chips


toasted cheese sandwich... multi-cheese blend on toasted whole grain bread with your choice of 2 toppings + blue corn chips


omelette...  2 eggs, cheese, w/ 3 toppings + muffnut / blue corn chips + badass salsa


breakfast taco… 2 eggs, cheese, w/ 3 toppings + blue corn chips + badass salsa


bp3 (breakfast-pita-pizza-pocket)… pita bread topped with olive oil, badass salsa, one egg, black beans, spinach, mexi- and itali-blend cheeses

all vegetarian.


most made from scratch!


gluten-free options available!


to-go items 

+ .40 each

Weekend Brunch:

Saturdays 11-2 + Sundays 10-2!

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