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drip coffee the House Brew or Today’s Feature

cafe au lait half coffee, half steamed milk 

tweaker coffee + espresso

iced coffee 20oz. House Brew or Today’s Feature

cold brew 20oz. our special brew, 12 hours in the making!

french press 16oz. your choice of freshly ground coffee

am.AeroPress 12oz. your choice coffee, americano-style!

the pour over 16oz.  your choice of coffee [can take ~5 mins!]        



espresso straight, no chaser

espresso macchiato espresso + a dollop of milk froth

espresso con panna espresso + whipped cream

con leche 8oz.   espresso, steamed milk, sans froth

cafe americano espresso + hot water. coffee, euro-style

cafe latte espresso + steamed milk, light froth -add a flavor?

cappuccino espresso + steamed milk, mucho froth

cafe mocha regular or white chocolate. whipped cream?

breve latte espresso + steamed half-n-half -add a flavor?

non-dairy latte soy, coconut, rice, oat, hemp -add a flavor?

iced thai coffee sweet, spiced, and strong, + splash of coconut or half-n-half?




vanilla, hazelnut, 

caramel, raspberry



irish cream, toffee nut, almond, cherry, pomegranate, blackberry, mandarin orange, kiwi, peach, green mint, strawberry



vanilla, caramel, hazelnut


007 espresso + ice. shaken, not stirred, not iced.  add flavor + milk if you wish.

starfucker aka bigbucks macchiato. with our own twist, of course

honey-nut latte nutty and sweet!  pretty self-descriptive, no?

pothead 20oz, iced. our rich, spiced blend of espresso, half-n-half, hemp milk, and other top secret flavors.  [16oz hot]

black mamba 20oz, iced. think liquid espresso brownie. STRONG [16oz hot]

mad hatter 20oz, iced only.  iced thai tea + espresso + splash of…?

spyder our own spiced chai / apple cider concoction + whipped cream?

the k.a.c 20oz, iced. chai, espresso, your choice soy or half-n-half, Kenneth’s secret sauce + whipped cream & cinnamon [16oz hot]

schnozzberry 20oz. fizzy & energizing. tastes like schnozzberries!

oh dream 20oz, iced. our own dreamcicle-y creation

witch doctor voodoo tea magic to make you feel mo’ betta!  hot only

ju.ju rich, chocolatey espresso goodness!  black, white, and spicy all over.  double only.

SinnaBum iced. formerly ‘whorlatta.’ oat milk, a lil caramel, a lil cinnamon.. a lot tasty!

white rabbit… white chocolate, toffee, half-n-half.. so rich, so good. whip + caramel

Teas + Chais

hot tea loose leaf. see below.  ask for steeping times!

iced tea 20oz. ask for today’s features!


tea selections

[black] english breakfast, irish breakfast, earl grey, mango black,

russian caravan, imperial gold oolong, vanilla black, blackberry,

lychee congou, rose congou

[green] gunpowder green, chun mee, japanese sencha, paradise green,

china jasmine, genmaicha, moroccan mint,

pomegranate green, sweet pear green, passionfruit kiwi, river mist

[red] rooibos, african sunset, mandarin rooibos

[herbal] egyptian chamomile, lemon ginger, peppermint leaf,

bruja blend [hibiscus], tulsi ayurvedic detox, yerba maté,

sunshine medley, sundown herbal


chai latte vanilla or spiced. dairy free!

    **our chais are made with a tapioca-based, non-dairy cream

iced thai tea sweet, spiced, + splash of coconut or half-n-half?

tea latte your choice of tea with steamed milk add a flavor?


hot cocoa regular or white chocolate. whipped cream?

steamer steamed milk with your choice flavor. whip?

italian soda soda + flavor… no cream

french soda soda + flavor… with cream

energy drink all-natural, berry-vicious, and pretty self-explanatory!


juice orange, mango-orange, pineapple-orange, apple

milk… whole, 2%, skim.  [non-dairy + .60]


We serve an extensive list of awesome beers, ales, ciders, wines, champagne, mimosas, and irish cream drinks!



only Double + Triple sizes available to-go

almost all drinks are available hot or iced
we use 2% milk by default…

whole, skim, half-n-half, soy, hemp, coconut & rice milk are available


all our coffees & teas are organic + fair trade.  coffees are carbon neutral!


we charge .25 for water cups… it’s a waste tax!


our whipped cream is caffeinated


we do NOT offer frappés or smoothies.  gross.  we’ll make it iced though!


absolutely nothing we serve contains high fructose corn syrup

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